SPARTAN ERV, Fire engine/Rescue

Spartan ERV fire engine, Spartan Metro Star cab and chassis equipped with Euro III emission standards engine. Spartan Chassis Advanced Protection System and 1,250 gallons per minute Darley pumps.
Different drive options. The wheels can be tilted for greater stability under certain circumstances or terrains, developed for safety on curves at speed, cramp angle of 50 degrees which enables high manoeuvrability for a vehicle of this size and weight.


LTI aerial model Aqua Stix AS 75. Extends to 75 feet.

Detroit Diesel Silver 92 engine. Simon Duplex chassis. Young bodywork. American Godiva 1250 GPM pump. 300 polypropylene tank. 
4-inch riser that discharges between 500 and 1000 gpm.
75 ft./23 m. LTI ladder at a 75 degree angle.
The design of this ladder truck with a single rear axle makes it ideal for manoeuvring in small spaces.
The monitor can be disconnected from the engine section. This reduces weight and improves load in the case of rescue.



Heavy and light extrication equipment, electric and pneumatic demolition equipment. 5 kW generator. Oxy-fuel cutting. 500 fire engine with a 1250 gpm Hale pump.

In gratitude for the selfless, humanitarian and brave work of the firefighters in the Mesa Redonda tragedy, Mrs. Carmen Leguía Larrabiure generously donated this E-One 1986 fire engine which meant that in the 90s the Brigade had the most modern fire engine in the country.



Boxer model, 4×2 wheel drive, specially designed for life-threatening emergency activities.
Equipped with LED lights.
Thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.
Interior in aseptic washable GFRP.
GFRP dividing panel with communication window.
Medical cabinet with interior dividers in 100% washable GFRP.
Aluminium stretcher with retractable legs.
Central oxygen network with DISS outlet.
12 V suction pump.
Spine boards: long, short and paediatric.
VHF communication equipment.
Heating – Air conditioning.